Conmed Linvatec 2.9 mm 30° Arthroscope, Eyepiece
Condition: Used

Conmed Linvatec 2.9 mm 30° Arthroscope, Eyepiece



Type of ScopeArthroscope
Part NumberT2930
ManufacturerConMed Linvatec
Diameter2.9 mm 
Working Length152 mm
Camera ConnectionEyepiece
Locking MechanismQuick Latch
Light Post DirectionStandard
ProcedureSmall Joint Arthroscopy - Ankle, Elbow, Wrist
Field of View100º
Compatible HardwareT4031      4.0mm Small Joint Single Stopcock Sheath
T4032      4.0mm Small Joint Double Stopcock Sheath
T4731       4.7mm Arthroscopy Single Stopcock Sheath
T4732      4.7mm Arthroscopy Double Stopcock Sheath
T4931      5.2mm High Flow Single Stopcock Sheath
T4932      5.2mm High Flow Double Stopcock Sheath
T5131       5.2mm Pressure Sensing Single Stopcock Sheath System
T5132       5.2mm Pressure Sensing Double Stopcock Sheath System
T4901       Blunt Obturator
T4902      Conical Obturator
T4903      Sharp Trocar 
T4904      Sheath Body O-ring (Replacement), Qty. 2
T4908      Stopcock O-ring (Replacement), Qty. 4
T4906-11  11" Switching Stick
T4906      14" Switching Stick
T4907       Arthroscopic Portal Rod
T4905       Stopcock Locking Nut
T4911        Single Stopcock Bridge
T4912        Double Stopcock Bridge
T4914        Stopcock Lock
T4910        Pressure Sensing Bridge Adapter 
T5101         Pressure Sensing Single Stopcock Assembly
T5102        Pressure Sensing Double Stopcock Assembly
T5103        Pressure Sensing Outer Tip Assembly 
T5104        Pressure Sensing Stopcock O-ring
T5105         Pressure Sensing Outer Tip Assembly O-ring
T4730        Arthroscopy Sheath Body (Replacement)
T4930       Arthroscopy High Flow Sheath Body (Replacement)
T5130        Pressure Sensing Sheath Body