Stryker X7000 Xenon Light Source
Condition: Used

Stryker X7000 Xenon Light Source


- The X7000 uses a 300 watt xenon lamp to generate bright, crisp light, which it delivers to the surgical site via a fiber-optic light cable.

- It is compatible with all Stryker light cables, and, with the proper light cable and adapters, can connect to any flexible or rigid endoscope. 

- The X7000 is equipped with electronic scope sensing technology (ESST), a special safety feature that helps prevent accidental burns caused by an unattended light cable. 

- When operated with an ESST light cable, the X7000 senses when the scope and the light cable are separated and places the light source in standby mode. 

- In standby mode, the X7000 will reduce light output to a minimum, preventing the light cable from generating excessive heat.

Additional Features:

- Single Handed Cable Insertion.

- RFID Tag (Insures that only Stryker Bulbs work in the X7000).

- 20% Brighter than the X6000.

- Core Design.

- Elliptical Bulb.

- SIDNE Ready.

- Multiple Safety Features.

- Internal Safety Check.

- Ethernet Connection.

- Internal Thermal Switch.

- Error & Warning Codes Display.

- Single Handed Cable Insertion provides Easy Set-Up for the Busy OR.

- Universal Light Cord Adapter for use with any Light Cord on the Market.

- Auto Shutter for regulation of brightness with Existing Video Equipment.

Product Number 220-190-000
TypeLight Source
Type of LightXenon
Dimensions12.5" (W) x 5.0" (H) x 16.8" (L)
Input Voltage100-240 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz
User ManualDownload


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