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Stryker TPS U-Series Perforator Chuck


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Stryker TPS U-Series Perforator Chuck

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Stryker Elite Cutting Accessories

For use with

5100-010Stryker TPS U Drill
5100-100Stryker TPS U2 Drill
5400-100Stryker CORE U Drill
5400-110Stryker UHT Drill

The Stryker Total Performance System (TPS) Universal Drill brings to you power and versatility in its surgical system.  TPS allows you capability with multiple different handpieces as well as an Integrated Irrigation option. Offering variable speeds, surgeons can use high speed drills reaching up to 75,000 rpm. TPS comes ready to perform all without the need for tools or lubrication. This system sets the standard for high-speed surgical instrumentation.


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