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Stryker System 7 Dual Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm)

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Stryker System 7 Dual Trigger Pin Collet (2.0-3.2mm)

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For use with

6203-000Stryker System 6 Single Trigger Rotary Drill
6205-000Stryker System 6 Dual Trigger Rotary Drill
7203-000Stryker System 7 Single Trigger Rotary Drill
7205-000Stryker System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary Drill
8203-000Stryker System 8 Single Trigger Rotary Drill
8205-000Stryker System 8 Dual Trigger Rotary Drill

The Stryker System 7 design features were engineered based upon feedback from those in the healthcare industry who were directly affected by the performance of their heavy-duty power tools. Featuring a Sagittal Saw, Precision Saw, Dual Trigger Rotary, Reciprocating Saw, and Sternum Saw, the System 7 has improved ergonomics as well as longer, more reliable battery life. Its increased torque, lighter weight, and noise reduction make these orthopedic power tools safer and easier to use.

The 7203 Rotary attachments are quickly and efficiently used for Stryker’s System 7 heavy-duty power tools. Attachments include single trigger and dual trigger wire and pin collets of different diameters. The 7203 attachments are limited because of the drill/ream switch on the rotary handpiece, which eliminates the need to purchase separate drilling and reaming attachments.


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