Stryker SDC Pro 2 Image Management System
Condition: Used
SDC Pro 2

Stryker SDC Pro 2 Image Management System

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SDC Pro 2
Stryker SDC Pro 2 Image Management System

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- Dimensions: 5.14 (H) × 15.9 (W) × 16.6 (D) inches

- System Type: Real time, MPEG 1 or 2 compression engine with full IBP encoding

- Video Inputs: S-Video, Composite, SDI; DVI & XGA (DVD system only)

- Audio Input: Stereo

- Resolution: 1024 x 768 or 640 x 480 (with HiRes OFF)

- Image Enhancement: Real time adjustment of Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Save as JPEG.

- Disc Save Time: Less than 10 minutes for one full disc

- Disc Capacity: 60 images / Video files, up to a maximum of 1.8GB (CD system) and 4.5GB (DVD system)

- File Format: Standard BMP file, ISO standardized MPEG-1 file, MPEG-2, JPEG (non-progressive, 1:1:1 no sub-sampling)

- CD Recording: Multisession ISO9660 with Joliet extensions

- DVD+RW: ISO UDF Video for DVD Video

- Remote Control: Wireless Infrared, Camera Head Triggering

- Power Consumption: 45W, 100V - 240V at 2A maximum, leakage less than 300micro Amp

- Agency Approval:

  • UL 2601-1, 2nd Edition
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No.601.1-M90
  • IEC 601-1-2

- Network: 10/100 Mbps ethernet

- Auto Printing: 1/2/4/6/8/12/18 images per page

- Display: 8"TFT LCD, with digital touch screen

- Type B Equipment


- Specialties: General Surgery, Orthopedic, GYN, Cardio-thoracic, Urology, ENT, other


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