Stryker Q4000 Xenon Light Source
Condition: Used

Stryker Q4000 Xenon Light Source



-  Quantum Brightness: Propietary metal alide technology to assure you of outsatnding, "color acccurate" illumination of the surgical site regardless of scope angle or diameter.

- Quantum Control: Rapid, automatic control of light levels in the surgical site to eliminate glare. Maunal and "direct view" settings also available.

- Quantum Availability: Stryker Endoscopy's unique jaw mechanism accepts any make of fiber optic cable.

- Quantum Safety: The Quantum 4000 powers up to a special "Standby" setting to assure maximum safety during procedure start-ups. 

Product Number 220-170-000
TypeLight Source
Type of LightXenon
Dimensions16" (W) x 5.25" (H) x 15.25" (L)


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