Stryker Q3000 Xenon Light Source
Condition: Used

Stryker Q3000 Xenon Light Source


Adjustable size light tables receptacle, handles most any fiber optic light guide 

- Manual / automatic exposure modes 

- Brightness control minimum to maximum 

- Standby mode 

- Easily replaceable high intensity light bulb 

- 250 watt metal halide bulb 

- Power on/off switch 

- Manual or automatic exposure control 

- Adjusts for various diameters of fiber optic cables 

- Adjustable intensity 

- Fan cooling 

- Digital readout of hours on bulb

- Easily accessible light bulb compartment, for quick light bulb changes 

- In automatic mode, light bulb outputs is slaved to video signal output, so brightness of light adjusts to keep optimal video signal 

Product Number 220-130-000
TypeLight Source
Type of LightXenon
Input Voltage100-120 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz


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