Stryker Signature Elite 20 cm Angled Attachment, Black
Condition: Used

Stryker Signature Elite 20 cm Angled Attachment, Black

Stryker Elite Cutting Accessories

For use with

5400-120Stryker CORE Saber Handpiece
5400-130Stryker CORE Sumex Handpiece
5400-200Stryker CORE Maestro Handpiece
5400-201Stryker CORE Maestro Handpiece with Handswitch
5407-100Stryker πDrive Motor
5407-200Stryker Maestro Air Motor
5407-201Stryker Maestro Air Motor with Handswitch
5407-300Stryker πDrive+ Motor

Stryker's Signature Elite cutting accessories are compatible with any Signature Elite or Heritage Elite attachment—and adjustable up to five exposure levels. You don’t have to change attachments or burs to achieve the reach you want—and can reduce and simplify your inventory by up to five to one. Stryker's patented multinotch telescoping cutting tools are almost infinitely customizable to your preferences and needs.

  • Wide variety of head styles
  • Tapered for optimal sightlines
  • Styles up to 9.2 mm in head diameter
  • Five adjustable exposure levels—up to 10 mm (varies by bur)
  • Easy-to-see marks make adjustment simple
  • Streamlines set up and packaging waste
  • Reduces opening multiple cutting accessories for different attachments


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