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Stryker SD/PD Series Elite Long Angled


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Stryker SD/PD Series Elite Long Angled

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Stryker Elite Cutting Accessories

For use with

5400-120Stryker CORE Saber Handpiece
5400-130Stryker CORE Sumex Handpiece
5400-200Stryker CORE Maestro Handpiece
5400-201Stryker CORE Maestro Handpiece with Handswitch
5407-100Stryker πDrive Motor
5407-200Stryker Maestro Air Motor
5407-201Stryker Maestro Air Motor with Handswitch
5407-300Stryker πDrive+ Motor

The Stryker Heritage Elite attachments and cutting accessories are the original line of Stryker’s Elite attachments—also called SD/PD Elite. They are compatible with a wide range of Stryker high-speed motors and drills, including the electric πdrive Motor, πdrive+ Motor, Saber Drill and Sumex Drill, which can be powered by a TPS console, CORE console, or CORE 2 console. The attachments and cutting accessories will also work with the pneumatic Maestro Drill, Maestro Drill with or without handswitch, and the Maestro Air Motor with or without handswitch.


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