Stryker 19 Fr Cystoscope Sheath with Standard Obturator

Stryker 19 Fr Cystoscope Sheath with Standard Obturator

TypeCystoscopy Sheath
Size19 Fr
Kit502-880-219 Stryker 19 Fr Cystoscopy Sheath
502-880-220 Stryker 19 Fr Standard Obturator
Visual Obturator502-881-219 Stryker 19 Fr Visual Obturator
Bridges502-880-200 Evaluation
502-880-201 Single Horn
502-880-202 Double Horn
502-880-206 Albarran Bridge, Single
502-880-203 Albarran Bridge, Double
Compatible Scopes502-990-000 Stryker 4.0 mm 0º Cystoscope
502-990-012 Stryker 4.0 mm 12º Cystoscope
502-990-030 Stryker 4.0 mm 30º Cystoscope
502-990-070 Stryker 4.0 mm 70º Cystoscope
Cystoscopy BrochureDownload
Hardware User GuideDownload
Stryker rod-lens scopes and instrumentation provide a clear, crisp image for urologists and are optimized for use with the Stryker HD camera.


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