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[Expired] Stryker 5.0 mm Formula Auger Bur

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[Expired] Stryker 5.0 mm Formula Auger Bur

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Speciality BursBlade DiameterPart Number
Slap Bur4.0 mm375-941-500
Auger Bur5.0 mm375-450-500
Subchondral Drill4.0 mm375-832-000
Left Helix Barrel Bur (6 Flute)5.5 mm375-953-000
Left Helix Barrel Bur (12 Flute)5.5 mm375-953-012

Stryker's FORMULA series contain technology advances that increase sharpness, enhance suction and tight tolerances for optimal performance. The Auger Bur, a part of the Stryker FORMULA series, is a multi-functional blades that resects both bone and soft tissue. Ideal for rapid subacromial decompression and notchplasty when run in forward mode. 


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