Arthrex AIDA HD Image Management System
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Arthrex AIDA HD Image Management System


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Arthrex AIDA HD Image Management System

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AIDA provides support in many areas:

Increased Efficiency

- Shorter turnover time thanks to the intelligent export manager that automatically saves data in the background

- Important media can be marked for further processing and a commentary added with just one click

- Optimization and standardization of workflows, supported by intuitive navigation 

- Short training time thanks to clear and convenient use  

Improved Quality 

- Fewer errors thanks to an integrated and freely configurable safety checklist 

- Still images and video sequences are captured in FULL HD, 3D and 4K quality

Reduced Costs

- Integrated DICOM and HL7 interfaces 

- Medical product suitable for use in all specialties 


- Still image capture and FULL HD video recordings

- Flexible user interface

- Ergonomic operation via touch screen and camera head buttons

- EMR-Enabled

- Retroactive capture (Just like TiVo)

- Improved workflow and user experience

- Individualized Surgeon settings

- Advanced surgical feedback

- Configurable mandatory patient information

- Direct Print automatically prints imaging material

- Fully networkable

- Mpeg4 compression

- User based LDAP login option

- Audit logs for PHI access tracking


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