Condition: Used

Arthrex 4.0 mm 0º Autoclavable WA HD Arthroscope

Type of ScopeArthroscope
Part NumberAR-3000AW
Diameter4.0 mm 
Working Length174 mm
Camera ConnectionEyepiece
Locking MechanismT-Latch
Light Post DirectionStandard
ProcedureLarge Joint Arthroscopy - Hip, Knee, Shoulder
Compatible HardwareAR-3400H-4.5      Hip Length Metal Cannula, 4.5 mm, fenestrated, qty. 2 
AR-3400H-5.0      Hip Length Metal Cannula, 5 mm, fenestrated
AR-3400H-5.5      Hip Length Metal Cannula, 5.5 mm, fenestrated
AR-3400H-6.5      Hip Length Metal Cannula, 6.5 mm, fenestrated
AR-3402H-4.5       Hip Length Obturator, cannulated, 4.5 mm 
AR-3402H-5.0       Hip Length Obturator, cannulated, 5 mm 
AR-3402H-5.5       Hip Length Obturator, cannulated, 5.5 mm
AR-3402H-6.5       Hip Length Obturator, cannulated, 6.5 mm
AR-6520-15           Switching Stick, long, cannulated, qty. 2
AR-3035L               Inflow Cannula Adapter w/Stopcock 
AR-6507-03           Metal Open Cannula, tapered 
AR-6507-04           Metal Open Cannula, blunt tip 
AR-2001                  Tear Drop Handle
AR-6524                  Portal Dilation Handle 
AR-6524-04           Portal Dilation Sleeve, 4 mm 
AR-6524-06           Portal Dilation Sleeve, 6 mm 
AR-3320-02           Hi Flow Sheath with two Stopcocks, fenestrated, qty. 2 
AR-3323                  Cannulated Obturator for Hi Flow Sheath 
AR-3490-03           Hip Length Bridge with two Stopcocks
AR-3324                  Conical Obturator for Hi Flow Sheath, qty. 2 
AR-6575C                Hip Arthroscope Instrument Case


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