Sony A5 Colour Video Printer
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Sony A5 Colour Video Printer



This device is packed with performance, speed, durability and convenience. Identifying with the changing needs of the medical marketplace, the UP55MD printer includes a new Image Port feature that allows the end user to capture printed still images automatically every time a print is made. The images can be stored on a USB portable storage device such as the Sony MicroVault™. Images can be later imported to a laptop or PC for use in medical report generation, PowerPoint presentations, or patient records. High resolution, A5 size prints are created in approximately 20 seconds in high speed print mode. The UP-55MD is the ideal choice for printing in ultrasound or endoscopy applications, as well as other scientific applications.

- Newly designed high resolution thermal head delivers 379 dpi with 16.7 million colors

- Compact design makes integration easier

- Image Port enables you to save your images Automatically every time you make a print

- UPC-55 Media Print pack provides 200 sheets of paper and two ribbon packages. The paper and ribbon are perfectly matched for easy replacement.

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