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Stryker System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece


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Stryker System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary Handpiece

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TypeBattery Handpiece
Part Number7205-000-000
System 7 Family
7203 Stryker System 7 Single Trigger Rotary Drill
7205 Stryker System 7 Double Trigger Rotary Drill
7206 Stryker System 7 Reciprocating Saw
7207 Stryker System 7 Sternum Saw
7208 Stryker System 7 Sagittal Saw
7209 Stryker System 7 Precision Saw
Compatible Batteries6215-000-000 Stryker System 6 Battery, Large, Blue
6215-STR-600 AA System 6 Battery, Large
7215-000-000 Stryker System 7 Lithium Battery
8215-000-000 Stryker System 8 Lithium Battery
Battery Charger6110-120 Stryker System 6 Battery Charger
7110-120 Stryker System 7 Battery Charger
Attachment Series
(Used with 7205)
6203 Attachments
7203 Attachments
8203 Attachments
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The Stryker 7205 System 7 Dual Trigger Rotary Drill/Reamer is a high-performance tool utilized for large bone procedures. This powerful, versatile, reliable, and easy-to-use surgical device allows surgeons to have a better control and precision while performing surgical procedures.

Designed on the input of healthcare professionals — including senior managers just like you — System 7 was built to help enhance surgeon satisfaction, improve efficiencies and provide your team with uncompromising quality. This latest advancement in heavy duty power tools was developed with you in mind.

So when it’s time to purchase, choose System 7 — Stryker's highest performing system ever!

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