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Stryker TPS™ Micro Drill


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Stryker TPS™ Micro Drill

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TPS Micro Drill
TypeElectric Handpiece
Part Number5100-15
TPS Small Bone Family
5100-15 Micro Drill
5100-31 Oscillating Saw
5100-34 Sagittal Saw
5100-37 Reciprocating Saw
5100-99 Universal Driver 
Micro Drill Attachments5100-15-40  1:1 Straight 
5100-15-41 1:1 Long Straight
5100-15-42 1:1 Angled
5100-15-43 4:1 Straight Reducer
5100-15-45 Long Angled 
5100-15-250 MD Series Medium Straight
5100-15-252 MD Series Medium Angled 
5100-15-270 MD Series Long Straight 
5100-15-272 MD Series Long Angled
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Accessories5100-4   TPS Power Cable
5100-9   TPS Handswitch
5100-7    Uni-Directional Footswitch
5100-8    TPS Footswitch 
A5100-8  AA Medical Footswitch 
Electric Consoles 5100-1        Stryker TPS Console
5100-201   Stryker TPS Console with Irrigation
5400-050  Stryker CORE Arthroscopy Console  
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