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[Expired] Stryker 4.0 mm Formula XL Angled Aggressive Plus Hip Cutter, 180 mm

Hip Cutters & BursDiameterPart Number
Long Hip Aggressive Plus4.0 mm (Straight)
4.0 mm (Angled)
5.0 mm (Straight)
Long Hip Tomcat4.0 mm (Straight)
4.0 mm (Angled)
Long Hip Resector5.0 mm (Straight)385-552-000
Long Hip Pear Bur (8 Flute)4.0 mm
5.5 mm
Long Hip Round Bur (8 Flute)5.5 mm385-950-008
Long Hip Barrel Bur (8 Flute)5.5 mm385-951-008

FORMULA series contain technology advances that increase sharpness, enhance suction and tight tolerances for optimal performance. The Long Hip Aggressive Plus cutter, is a part of the Stryker FORMULA series. Stryker introduced a full line up of blades and burs for Hip Arthroscopy. All styles are modified for higher durability, more aggressive resection and decreased chance of clogging. Angled blades are designed to be more efficient and provide stronger torque. Newly designed 8-flute burs feature a recessed hood that provides improved distal end access while protecting the labrum.

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