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[Expired] Stryker 4.0 mm 90-S Cruise SERFAS™ Energy Suction Probe

Part Number279-401-200
Description90-S Cruise
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Cut Default9
Knee and Hip ProceduresCut Settings
Lateral Release9-11
Soft Tissue Debridement9-11
Articular Cartilage Debridement2-4
Shoulder ProceduresCut Settings
Subacromial Decompression9-11
Capsular Release8-10
Tissue Tightening1-2

The 90-S Cruise RF ablation probe is the latest addition to the SERFAS ENERGY probe line, and is designed to be our most complete 90 degree suction probe. The 90-S Cruise probe’s excellent ablation and coagulation capabilities should enable surgeons to focus on technique and precision to achieve the best possible outcomes. All probes are compatible with the SERFAS ENERGY and CROSSFIRE consoles.

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