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Purchasing large, capital items for your operating rooms can help save you a lot of money. But where do you get the ancillary products that surround your orthopedic power sets or endoscopy towers? Unlike many, AA Medical Store sells not only the large, capital items, but also those ancillary products needed for your procedures.

Pump tubing, insufflation tubing, shaver blades, catheters, stents, screws, drills, burs, staplers, suction irrigation tips, needles, sutures and many other in date as well as expired disposables from manufacturers like Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Arthrex, etc. are available everyday for purchase. These, too, are on sale for more than an affordable rate. This characteristic of AA Medical Store helps make them one of the largest surgical stores in the world. This leads to the competitive pricing everyone seeks! Availability and affordability as well as service are why customers continuously choose AA Medical Store as their source for everything needed in the operating room!

Disposable Inventory

Click the links below to view both our in date and expired disposable inventory!

AA Medical Store - [In Date] Disposable Inventory

AA Medical Store - [Expired] Disposable Inventory


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