The Standard: Meet Website Manager Jeremy Vestal

At the end of 2019, AA Medical Store revamped their old website and launched their current website, allowing their customers to have constant access to inventory, pricing, product information, educational material, 24-Hour technical support, service information, product warranties and more! This was not only important for AA Medical’s customers but added increased credibility to their business surpassing competitors in the industry.

CEO of AA Medical Store and mastermind behind the website launch, Matthew Nelson, stated, “Product information, understanding product accessories, what goes with what, and unlimited access for our customers to technical support has always been the vision for our company. It is satisfying to see the results the website has had in such short time.” 

“We are constantly looking to grow the site and improve it based on customer recommendations,” said Jeremy Vestal, AA Medical’s Website Manager. A veteran employee, Jeremy constantly is updating product pages with educational material, instructions for use, product videos, and anything that is going to help customers efficiently use the products being purchased. “It is our job to help doctors and surgeons around the world as much as we can in educating them on product information, what is compatible with what, and how to use the products.” These customers do not necessarily have sales representatives in their operating rooms to help them with the products being used, as they do in the United States. AA Medical is constantly striving to go above and beyond to act as their customers’ sale representatives.

The efficiency of AA Medical Store’s website has been a clear success. It has allowed users to reach out to sales representatives directly within seconds, ask questions, learn about products and compatibility, and easily make purchases. Jeremy Vestal takes much pride in this and makes it known. “I believe that the communication that we have with our customers sets us apart from the rest. They can contact us on our website from all over the world and we are able to respond to them within seconds. We work with them to get our products to them no matter where they might be, and we guarantee their products will be ready for use. It is a very satisfying feeling knowing the difference our team makes every day.”

Along with managing the website, Jeremy contributes to the team-oriented atmosphere at AA Medical by traveling around the United States to take part in international medical trade fairs that AA Medical attends. “It is a great experience going around the U.S. to meet different doctors and surgeons that we help every day. Our equipment is improving healthcare around the world, and it is great to personally connect with the people that we are impacting.” 

“As ‘The Standard’ in the industry, we are constantly working to give our customers the best experience from the acquisition side of the business as well as the purchasing side,” stated Ron Plantz, President. “Employees like Jeremy wearing multiple hats make this an easy task.”

Outside of AA Medical Store, Jeremy continues to dedicate his time working to better life locally by coaching American football at a top high school in the Chicagoland area. “I wake up every day wanting to help others. I do this at an international level at AA Medical Store as well as at a local level by coaching.” As a former athlete, college major in athletic training and health/exercise science, and graduate in Sports Leadership, Jeremy enjoys spending time assisting these local athletes in achieving their goals not only on the field, but in life.