Stryker SDC3: An All-In-One Data Management Solution

Data Management: The Heart of the OR

In 2013, the Stryker SDC3 won the Excellence in Surgical Products (ESP) Award for data management solutions. The SDC3 captures and records HD images and videos during endoscopic procedures with advanced features that include:

  • Dual-capture capability for recording and capturing video/images at the same time when two video sources are connected.
  • 1080p high definition recording for quality.
  • 1 TB internal archive for storing a lot of case studies. Being able to go back to previous cases will ensure evidence of patient procedures/information for possible legal audits.

Per our previous Blog post, physicians can easily save media to a USB, CD/DVD, hospital network, or iPad.

Most Notable Features:

  • Device control—allows both surgeons and staff to take control of devices in the OR to positively impact workflow and increase efficiency. Devices include camera control units, light sources, monitors, arthroscopy pumps, insufflators, OR lights and MORE!
  • Built-in Wi-Fi—offers wireless communication and integration with hospital networks, Studio3, PACS, and EMR systems.
  • Customizable Surgical Timeouts—offers customizable surgical timeout checklist to be displayed on monitors, followed by an electronic copy of the surgical timeout saved to the patient’s file. Improves patient safety and ensures staff engagement.
  • Customizable User Profiles—User profiles can be customized to meet the preferences of each surgeon. By pressing a single button, the device configures to the surgeon’s needs, allowing the staff more time to focus on the patient instead of configuring settings. 

How Features Help Doctors/Surgeons and Staff

The Device Control package of the SDC3 allows for more control over devices, increasing efficiency and saving time in the operating room. With Device Control, members of the sterile team can quickly control all devices in the sterile field and outside the sterile field by using a wireless headset or the 1488 camera head. Non-sterile team members also have more control with the ability to control devices from across the room using the SDC3 touch screen, SPI3 touch screen, or an infrared remote.

Compatibility with Electronic Devices: Apple iPads

After downloading the free Stryker SDC3 app in the Apple Store App, the SDC3 can save images and video to an Apple iPad for the surgeon to edit, annotate, email, or review cases.

Why the SDC3?

The SDC3 is a best-in-class management system that offers technological advancements and efficiency improvements compared to previous generations of Stryker management devices. The SDC3 focuses on safety and efficiency and can be customized to meet the needs of staff and hospital infrastructure. The advanced recording capabilities, customizable user profiles, surgical timeouts, device control, and iPad integration with built-in Wi-Fi make this device a great choice for a media management system!

Stryker SDC3 Setup

Click Links Below for Setup and User Guides. Information on entering surgeon preferences, case studies, patient information, surgical timeouts and more! 

Stryker SDC3 Wiring Setup and User Guide

Stryker SDC3 Device Control Package User Guide