Stryker PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator: Features, Functions & Troubleshooting

PneumoSure XL Insufflator

Stryker’s 45L PneumoSure XL insufflator provides exceptional performance with enhanced safety features and reliability. The PneumoSure handles the needs of a dynamic surgical environment in today’s operating rooms worldwide. It includes two additional modes for Bariatrics and Vessel Harvesting. This insufflator also offers real-time pressure sensing for increased accuracy during procedures but requires specific insufflation tubing to utilize this function. The PneumoSure’s ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions, coupled with a fully integrated color touch screen, allows for increased ease of use in any operating room around the world!


  • Intuitive touch screen controls with flow, pressure, volume, and cylinder status displays
  • Real-Time Pressure (RTP) measure capabilities
  • CO2 Flow Rate from 3-45 Liters/Minute
  • Multiple Specialty Modes: Pediatrics, High Flow, Bariatrics, and Vessel Harvesting
  • Optional Gas Heated Function (utilized with proper insufflation tubing)
  • Spring Loaded Tube Set Connection or AA Medical Store Tube Set Adaptor Options

Using On-Screen Display

View the PDF below highlighting the Stryker PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator touch screen and reading the on-screen displays.

PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator-On-Screen Display

Set Up and Start Up

View the PDFs below highlighting the Start Up, Connecting/Removing the Tube Sets, and Setting the Pressure and Flow as well as the Real-Time Pressure Feature for the Stryker PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator.

PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator-Start Up

PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator-Connecting and Removing Tube Sets

PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator-Setting Pressure/Flow & Real-Time Pressure Feature

Disposable Tube Set Options

Error/Warning Messages and Troubleshooting

During your use of a Stryker PneumoSure XL, you may experience error/warning messages during your procedures. Below is a PDF document highlighting the different error/warning messages you may see, an explanation, and troubleshooting suggestions.

PneumoSure XL 45L Insufflator-Troubleshooting