Stryker 1288 vs. 1188






 1920 x 1080p

 1280 x 1024p

Wireless Transmission



CCU Processor Speed

 148 MHz

 108 MHz

CCU Display

 LCD Touch Screen


Focal System

 20 mm

 24 mm


 4-Fully Programmable

 4-Non Programmable

Light Source control from Camera Head




When looking at the above comparison of the two Stryker camera systems, it is clear that the Stryker 1288 is superior to its previous generation camera system, with the exception that the 1188 has an autoclavable camera head. However, the question becomes: Are the upgrades of the 1288 worth the price difference?

The answer: YES

At AA Medical Store, the price difference of a Stryker 1288 kit and an 1188 kit is approximately 34%. When you compare that price difference to the technical details of the camera systems, the advances in the 1288 justify its purchase. The biggest advancement of the 1288 is that it produces a true, real image on a rectangular monitor whereas the 1188 produced a distorted, stretched image. Because of this, the operating room staff can see more during surgery, making surgery with the 1288 more minimally invasive.

In addition, the 1288 has a 40% faster processor than the 1188. The depth of focus, edge-to-edge clarity, and resolution are significantly improved compared to its 1188 counterparts as well.

The other features that make the 1288 camera system the better buy are the fully programmable buttons as well as the L9000 control from the 1288 camera head. With all these features of the Stryker 1288, a surgeon's job in the operating room is easier, surgeries are more efficient, and healthcare for patients improves.

That alone is worth the price difference.