Service with a Purpose: AA Medical Store Sales Team


 Today’s successful teams are diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic. They are well-trained, passionate, positive, empathetic, can think on their feet, and provide quick, complete solutions. That is the sales team at AA Medical Store. They are a customer-centric team that looks beyond to figure out the problems their customers are facing worldwide. They solve those problems with their products and services they offer. No matter if a customer is talking to sales manager, Mateo Mazurowski, on WhatsApp, Cort Ulas on a phone call, Fernando Luna or Molly Stewart on Live Chat, Vince Ambrose on Facebook Messenger, Brody Bolsoni on our Ebay platform, or visiting the Miami location with Yussef Gouveia or Ademir Mendes, customers receive the same level of high-quality customer care and service because of the shared mindset among these team members.

Every day around the world, doctors, surgeons, healthcare officials, and most importantly, their patients, face the challenge of accessing reliable, high-quality medical equipment, which in turn, affects the quality of health worldwide. Dr. Raúl Santamaría Villacís, a longtime customer at AA Medical Store proves this when he stated in his customer spotlight:

What is difficult about practicing in Ecuador is the ability to get access to medical equipment. Very few people specialize in repairing medical equipment in Ecuador. If the equipment loses functionality, t can only be repaired if you know someone. Otherwise, you must buy new equipment or import spare parts, which is also expensive. Therefore, you must find a company that is reliable and provides some sort of post-sale service.

Access. Reliability. Trust. Complete Solutions. Post-sale service. Shipping. All questions and problems our prospective customers have, and current customers had that the AA Medical Store team solved and continues to solve daily. Some customers prefer Karl Storz products. Others prefer Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Olympus, Arthrex, etc. We have all options. AA Medical Store can customize towers and sets based on customer preference as well as budgetary limitations. In addition to products acquired from the top medical manufacturers, AA Medical Store manufacturers their own consumables such as insufflation tubing and arthroscopy pump tubing, instrumentation, arthroscopy product sets, accessories and more, which are consistently on hand and available!

But it takes a village…

Without the hard work and efforts of the other departments at AA Medical Store, the solutions for customers facilitated by the sales rep would not be possible. Access to equipment would not be possible without the Acquisitions Team working tirelessly, 24/7, keeping the warehouse shelves stocked with the thousands and thousands of products that help improve healthcare around the world. The awareness of our current inventory and brand is known worldwide because of the AA Medical Store Marketing Team The timely receiving, billing, and shipping of our products is because the Shipping/Receiving Team as well as the Business Office work efficiently and effectively. All things running like a well-oiled machine and constantly improving because of the leadership of AA Medical Store’s President, Ron Plantz, and CEO, Matthew Nelson.

Everything put together…make the difference for customers like Dr. Raúl Santamaría Villacís and his patients. “The employees I have had contact with at AA Medical Store, both in Chicago and Miami, have been excellent! I trust them with personal financial information, passwords, access to accounts, and more. They are reasonable, understanding, and send quality equipment that help both myself and patients in our operating rooms, stated Dr. Raúl. This is just one example in Ecuador, one of 125+ countries shipped products from AA Medical Store in 2020.

It is a customer-centric company driven to provide solutions to the problems healthcare personnel worldwide face every day. They have a proven method but are constantly growing and looking to improve, which make them one of the largest and most reliable out there. If you have the right players and the proper processes in your sales team (or on your entire team), you are in a good position to be the best…which is exactly what they are and provide. The Best.