Meet AA Medical Store's Molly Stewart

It is not an easy task to put a face to a company, but Molly Stewart, administrative assistant/sales representative, makes the task quite easy! If you have utilized the “Live Chat” feature on AA Medical Store’s website, you have spoken to Molly!

Before I started working at AA Medical Store, I attended Illinois State University, studying English Education. Being in education, my philosophy has always been to help others. Working at AA Medical Store, I do this on a regular basis. It is not in a classroom setting, but in the healthcare world. The equipment and products we provide our customers not only help doctors/surgeons around the world, but, most importantly, these products are helping their patients. When I realized that, I knew I was at a company that coincided with my personal philosophy. Waking up every morning and knowing that does not make this a “job.” It makes this my passion.

—Molly Stewart

AA Medical Store has been blessed to have Molly Stewart as part of their team for the past two years, and the powerful words above prove that! “Molly never hesitates to do anything without a smile, and we know our customers feel the same way,” said Matthew Nelson, CEO. “We appreciate the work ethic that Molly brings every day. It has had and will continue to have a positive impact on our customers, and that customer care and service goes a long way,” stated Ron Plantz, President. 

There is a collaborative culture at AA Medical Store. The “team” atmosphere is very prevalent in the office, which assures employees will succeed personally and professionally. More importantly, they have resources that will promote growth. “It was not easy switching from teaching in a classroom to sales in the healthcare world,” stated Molly. “Luckily, AA Medical Store provides a rigorous educational training period through product brochures, PowerPoints, and presentations from company management. Through these courses, I built upon my knowledge of anatomical structures in the human body and surgical devices, which has allowed me to be successful in my role.”

When speaking to Molly, her passion for work and helping others was apparent. AA Medical Store is not a company that sells equipment to customers and cuts ties after a sale. They are a company that provides a service and type of customer care that is unprecedented in the industry. The reliability of the products is one thing, but the service and vested interest from the employees, like Molly Stewart, set AA Medical Store apart from the rest.

“My favorite part about being here is not only helping others, but the people I am doing it with every day. The daily rewards are priceless. When you add in the company luncheons, Summer parties, Christmas party, and so on. It is not a place of employment. It is a family.”

Molly's Favorite Quote: “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” –Abraham Lincoln

Molly's Favorite Activities: “I love to travel. I have the goal to make it to all 50 states in the U.S. as well as Ireland one day.”