Constantly Growing: Meet AA Medical's Cort Ulas


Favorite Memory at AA Medical: Too many memories to pick one! 

Favorite Quote: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." —Mark Twain

Favorite Activities/Interests: Golf, Fishing, Sports, and Travel


The employees of AA Medical walk into work every day constantly being challenged to grow and become better people. Better in the workplace. Better in life. It is a testament to the President and CEO, Ron Plantz and Matthew Nelson, who have created this culture. There is no better example of an employee taking on this challenge and succeeding than Cort Ulas, current member of the sales team.

7 years ago, Cort Ulas started at AA Medical Store as a member of their Equipment Testing and Certification Team. Committed to learning and personal growth, in a few short years, Cort became a member of a very elite team of expert endoscopy equipment salesmen. With the new position, satisfaction with the new title was not an option. The job presented Cort with new challenges unique to this unfamiliar role. Without thinking twice, his commitment to learning and growing in a different way took over. With the help of veteran sales team members and equipment experts, Cort is currently one of AA Medical’s top salesmen dealing primarily with the top customers in India and the Middle East.

As a great salesperson, empathy and personal drive are the best attributes that point to why Cort is so successful in his current role.

It is my job to put myself in my customers’ shoes—to have empathy. To me, the customer is not the doctor or surgeon that will be using the equipment. It is the patient on the OR table. I think about it like this: If a surgeon in India is using a Stryker 1088 video system and wants to upgrade to a Stryker 1488 system, it is my job to make that happen—for the patients of that surgeon halfway across the world! You cannot fix what you cannot see. With upgrading to a 1488, that surgeon in India is going to increase visualization dramatically during his operations, and, therefore, increase patient care. Knowing that and succeeding in doing this, gives me great personal satisfaction.

–Cort Ulas

That is the empathy that exists among not only the sales team at AA Medical, but in every department. “We stress that every piece of equipment that enters our warehouses is thoroughly cared for—whether it is during testing, certifying, handling, or shipping. We constantly keep in mind that this equipment and our processes are for the customers’ care—patients around the world further benefit from our equipment because of what we do. It also further sets us apart from competitors,” stated Mike Kobalski, Acquisitions Specialist.

To further the gap from competitors, there are expectations at AA Medical Store that employees hold themselves accountable to. Bringing positive energy into the workplace and letting prior experiences act as motivating factors are examples of those expectations. “Every customer that I deal with, I go above and beyond to ensure they have the best experience possible. I have relationships with my customers. Building those relationships involves providing support and education to these clients. They appreciate the level of customer care I provide, and that makes me feel great. With my work, I know I am improving healthcare around the world. That feeling motivates me to make new relationships with new customers, build upon existing ones, and continue to grow personally and professionally.”

As a world-class company with world-class employees, it is hard to imagine how employees like Cort will continue to become better. But in being involved in the company and after discerning, I came to realize the answer to my own question. Complacency is not an option at AA Medical. Employees like Cort do a fantastic job and have grown so much in the last 7 years. It is evident and the growth will continue. There is no option to remain stagnant. It is the culture of this first-class company.