Benefits of Purchasing Refurbished Medical Devices at AA Medical Store

There are many benefits to purchasing refurbished medical equipment. The biggest benefit would probably be the cost-effectiveness of the products. However, no matter what your budget is, the price of the product should not take precedent over quality, the company’s reputation, and most importantly, your patients.

When you find a company that provides competitive pricing along with quality products, you have found a company you will want to form a relationship with for a long time. AA Medical Store has had this reputation for over 10 years, which is why they serve over 150 different countries around the world. Recently, AA Medical was able to sit down with Dr. Raúl Santamaría Villacís, a world-renowned physician in Ecuador and hospital owner who has worked with AA Medical for many years.

In the many years we have been working with AA Medical Store, the refurbished equipment that we have purchased has been great. There is a level of credibility and trust that we have with the equipment we have purchased. It does not give us problems in the operating room, there is a warranty and guarantee from their sale representatives, and the equipment quality is great! I have had no problems with working with AA Medical Store, and more importantly, the equipment image quality is fantastic! Because of this, the level of complications in my hospital is the lowest that exists in Ecuador, and one of the lowest in all Latin America.

Cheap, secondhand equipment is often faulty and unreliable. AA Medical Store’s refurbished monitors, scopes and other endoscopy devices are the exact opposite. They are affordable, reliable, and high quality which help improve healthcare worldwide.

Reliable Used and Refurbished Devices and Equipment Always Available

Many medical equipment dealers around the world sell what they acquire without a testing and certification process. That leads to doctors and surgeons receiving equipment that is often faulty which results in short-term of use. That not only leads to a poor investment but eventually leaves doctors in their operating room no longer with a solution to help their patients in their country.

Upon receiving equipment acquired, AA Medical Store properly tests and certifies their products before approval and stocking the equipment on the inventory shelves in the warehouses. If there are any damaged parts to the equipment, when possible, the service team performs repairs ensuring the equipment meets industry standards for safety and reliability. This is the difference between “used” and “refurbished.” This process is all made possible because of the certified and experienced Receiving/Service Team that has consistently done this for many years at AA Medical. On a larger scale, this extra step in “the process” has directly helped improve the healthcare system outside the United States all while helping doctors/surgeons save on the expenses of the equipment. In addition to refurbished products, AA Medical Store receives used products in excellent condition ready for immediate use. These products do not need any repairs, are fully functional, and certified after a testing process as well.

Competitive Pricing with Warranty

Our vast inventory volume allows our sales team to offer competitive pricing that saves our customers roughly 80% of the manufacturer suggested retail price. Along with these prices, AA Medical Store offers an extensive 3-month warranty on equipment sold that starts upon the customer receiving the products. Our representatives also will help with added service set-ups if needed. This type of customer care greatly benefits our customers worldwide, and they truly appreciate that extended service, even if it is from afar.

Experts in the Industry

Purchasing equipment for your business or medical practice can be a daunting and grueling task. However, when you work with a team of medical sale specialists that is well-experienced in the industry, it makes the experience much more enjoyable. Our team is passionate and dedicated to serving each customer around the world every day.

Our team will not only offer you competitive pricing because of our inventory and mission to improve healthcare around the world, but they will also save you expenses when necessary based on equipment compatibility. They will not sell you something that is not compatible with your existing system. When it comes to upgrading your operating rooms, our team will make sure that the products being upgraded will still allow you to perform your procedures and provide effective solutions in a more efficient way. Because we have multiple brands and generations of equipment in stock, we can consistently offer upgrades, replacements, and ancillary products that go with your existing systems.

Testing/Receiving Process with Warehouse Manager, Jacob Ulas

Take a behind the scenes look at our testing/receiving process with our Warehouse Manager, Jake Ulas! View the video below regarding AA Medical Store's receiving, testing, and refurbishment process!



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