Arthroscopy: C-Mount and Eyepiece Arthroscopes

Knowing the Differences and Benefits

Have you ever wondered why the image on your surgical monitor is "foggy" during your arthroscopic procedures? Chances are, you're probably using an eyepiece rigid arthroscope. To prevent this, surgeons must constantly wipe the space between the eyepiece and the coupler on the camera head. Do you hate having to constantly do this? We would too! It prolongs the procedure!

Because irrigation is taking place during arthroscopic procedures for joint distension and visualization, fluid is constantly present. When using a traditional eyepiece arthroscope, like most do internationally, the fluid present can end up getting between the eyepiece of the scope and coupler, like described above. That moisture creates that "foggy" image. To improve the visualization on the OR monitor, the surgeon must clean that off.

What is another way to prevent this? Invest in C-Mount arthroscopes, also called direct-coupling arthroscopes, or a more advanced arthroscopy pump. When using a C-Mount scope, a seal between the eyepiece of the C-Mount and camera head prevents fluid and moisture from entering this space. As a result, there is no "fogginess," visualization is not affected, and procedures are quicker/more efficient. Another feature of the C-Mount arthroscope that benefits surgeons in the OR is that the focus ring is directly on the scope versus the coupler of the camera head. 

Video Demonstration by AA Medical Store Product Expert

Check out the video below from AA Medical Store product expert, Michael Kobalski, explaining the differences and benefits of Eyepiece and C-Mount arthroscopes. As Mike explains, it is very important to know the video system you are using, its capabilities, and your preferences in your operating room.