AA Medical Store Committed to Customers

Many people think that empathy is something natural, but nothing could be further from the truth. Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and understanding their needs is one of the most forgotten crafts to obtaining an excellent customer service report. It does not just happen; it takes time and work.

AA Medical Store has put in that time and work, and it shows.

The team at AA Medical Store does not just sell medical equipment to their customers; they care about them.  It sounds like a broken record— “we care about customers.” Those words are an empty promise without proof or evidence.

In reaching out to some of the doctors and surgeons the sales team recently encountered at the Arab Health Expo in Dubai, UAE last February, I was amazed to hear some of the reactions. Vishal Rana, a doctor from India, assured, “It’s really a great experience working with their sales team. They’re so cooperative, helpful, and provide complete satisfaction.” Those are very powerful words when talking about a sales team at a company that serves much of the world. “Everyone that I have worked with at AA Medical is a booster to the company and the healthcare system worldwide!”

In conjunction to their commitment to their customers, they are driven to change the world. “Every morning I walk into AA Medical, I know I am going to change lives,” said Mateo Mazurowski, sales director.

“The products we make accessible and affordable are improving the quality of healthcare worldwide, added Cort Ulas, member of the sales team. It’s not a job to me. It’s a mission. And I’m proud to be a part of something greater.” 

To serve their customers, AA Medical currently has two locations in Mokena, IL and Miami, FL. “We enjoy what we do because we know it is making a difference,” stated Yussef Gouveia and Ademir Mendes, who work primarily with Latin American customers in the Miami store/showroom. “It’s not just selling products. It is educating customers on the products. These doctors do not have reps from companies that go into their operating rooms and assist them with the equipment. They have us.”

The service provided at AA Medical Store is not only astounding. It’s admirable.