AA Medical in Miami: Dedication. Motivation. Organization.

About Ademir Mendes:

Favorite Quote: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” –Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Favorite Food: Being from Brazil, a Brazilian Style BBQ!

Favorite Color: Red, White, and Blue

In October 2015, AA Medical Store expanded from the original location outside Chicago, IL and added an additional location in Miami, FL. The 30,000 square foot space offers a showroom to better serve their customers as well as a dedicated staff, one of whom includes Ademir Mendes, Latin American sales team member.

Ademir adds to the positive atmosphere and energy at AA Medical Store. Contributing to the culture, Ademir consistently surpasses expectations and provides top-notch customer care and service. 

When I sat down to write this story about Ademir, I thought to myself, “Anyone can say that Ademir surpasses expectations and excels at providing customer service.” However, I wanted to hear this from a customer. So, I connected with Dr. Bernard Brutus, an orthopedic surgeon in Haiti who had personally dealt with Ademir Mendes many times when purchasing equipment for his practice. 

In talking to Dr. Brutus, I simply asked one question: tell me about your first experience with AA Medical Store and sales rep Ademir Mendes. There was a pause followed by a testimonial that is recurring among the customers at AA Medical.

I first met Ademir Mendes about a year ago. I flew to Miami for a vacation and decided to go to AA Medical Store because I had some issues with a Stryker camera. I thought I needed to get it repaired or replaced entirely. Heading to the store, I prepared to spend nearly $500 to buy a new one. When I explained to the gentleman [Ademir] in the showroom what the issue was, he wanted to check with a Stryker representative over the phone before selling me a new camera. The rep told Ademir a new camera was not needed. The "gain control" feature needed an adjustment. After that, everything was fine. I saved nearly $500 because of Ademir Mendes, and AA Medical Store gained a new and regular customer.

-Dr. Bernard Brutus       

When sharing the above experience with Ademir, it moved him, but he was not too surprised. “As a veteran in customer relationships, logistics and sales, this is what I strive to do,” stated Ademir.

“This is what we teach our entire company,” said Matthew Nelson, CEO. “Because our customers come from over 150 countries, we teach our employees to act as a resource and rep for our customers. Our customers do not necessarily have that in their countries. We are not here to make a quick sale. We are different from our competitors. We are here to offer more.”

The connection between AA Medical Store employees and representatives from top medical device manufacturers contributes to their ability to offer countries worldwide the best equipment at the best prices. When talking to Ademir about this advantage, he stated, “I am thankful to go to work every day and change the world in the way that we do with the resources we have. We are always thinking about the customer, and we are always thinking about improving healthcare with our products.”

Going to Miami to meet Ademir was a pleasure. He is truly a difference maker when setting AA Medical Store apart from the rest. He is truly a difference maker in changing the world for the better.