A Customer-Focused Culture. Meet AA Medical Store's Phil Murray

Many companies like to tell employees, “the customer is always right.” They think this phrase alone will help them create a customer-focused company. Making the customer the centerpiece of a business is a lot easier said than done. Being customer-focused requires attention to detail to every aspect of the business. In the case of AA Medical Store, this would include everything from acquisition of products to shipping/receiving.

Consistency and being a customer-focused company differentiates AA Medical Store from their so-called competitors, and ultimately has helped them grow over the years.

“From the time the equipment enters our warehouse to when it ships after a purchase, we are thinking of our customers. They are important to us. It is who we are,” said Phil Murray, veteran member of the Shipping/Receiving team at AA Medical Store. Phil and other members of the warehouse team are a vital part of the company. The warehouse process of testing incoming and outgoing equipment is not overlooked to make sure everything purchased by their customers worldwide enters operating rooms fully functioning as well as pristine looking. In talking to Phil, he believes that performance of the equipment coincides with the look because it creates long-lasting relationships with customers that establish confidence, trust, and satisfaction.

“Our product is our signature, and we believe we have the best product along with the best service. It is people like Phil and the work he does that help prove that. We take much pride in this,” said Ron Plantz, President. “Our warehouse team puts in a lot of work to make sure that products are being shipped to our customers in a timely fashion. We know that our customers need ready-to-use products right out of the box, and the teamwork that is involved to make that happen helps us create a customer-focused culture,” said Matthew Nelson, CEO.

In talking about a customer-focused culture, Phil Murray agrees that total team effort is necessary. “We all have our jobs to do. When everyone is pulling in the same direction and working well together, it benefits our customers.” The employees at AA Medical genuinely care about each other’s personal and professional development. It is not just a bunch of words. Just as they care about the customers, they care about each other. It is evident.  

A differentiating factor that sets AA Medical Store apart from others is the vast amount of knowledge and experience their employees have in the medical device industry. “Mike Kobalski is our Acquisitions Specialist and works closely with us in the warehouse,” stated Murray. “After 15+ years of working as a ProCare Specialist and Education Trainer for Stryker, the knowledge him and other members of upper management bring to AA Medical is phenomenal. When dealing with a company supplying medical equipment, you prove your reliability to your customers with resources like that.”

In hearing about the customer-focused culture at AA Medical Store through the experiences of a shipping/receiving team member, there is most definitely proven reliability, confidence, trust and satisfaction among their customers. Attention to detail and improvements made daily by employees like Phil Murray help achieve this. But as Phil said, “It’s not only me. It is everyone. We are a team.”

About Phil Murray:

Favorite Quote: “Self-trust is the first secret of success.” –Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Favorite Activities: “Playing basketball, reading books by successful coaches, and being with family and friends as much as I can.”

Favorite Food: Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Interesting Fact: “I am a connoisseur of hats. I actually own over 300 hats from various MLB, NBA, NFL, and college teams.”