Rigid Endoscopes

    Rigid Endoscopes

    Choose from all types of rigid endoscopes, from arthroscopes, laparoscopes, cystoscopes, sinus scopes, hysteroscopes, and ureteroscopes. We also sell rigid sets that are designed for specific surgical procedures. And it doesn't end there! We also have scope hardware, sterilization cases and accessories for those replacement parts that are hard to find anywhere else!


    Shop our wide selection of popular arthroscopes, from Stryker IDEAL EYES, Karl Storz Hopkins, Olympus TrueView and more! Choose from all different diameters, like 2.7mm or 4mm, and many angles, such as 0, 30, 25 and 70 degrees!


    We carry all types of popular laparoscopes, including standard, bariatric and pediatric lengths. Choose from the top brands like Stryker, Karl Storz, Olympus, ConMed Linvatec, Smith & Nephew, Wolf and more!


    We have a huge selection of cystoscopes ranging from pediatric, standard, and resection. We feature high quality cystoscopes from top brands like Stryker, Olympus, ACMI, Karl Storz and more!

    Arthroscope Sets

    Our arthroscope sets were designed with careful consideration of the different types of surgical procedures they're used for. You'll find anything from hysteroscope diagnostic, to operative arthroscopy sets. Typically these sets include a rigid endoscope, sheath, and sterilization tray.

    Laparoscope Sets

    Our laparoscope sets were designed with careful consideration of the different types of laparoscopy procedures they're used for. You'll find anything from standard, pediatric, and bariatric laparoscope sets.


    An endoscope with a wide-angle telescope and an electrically activated wire loop for transurethral removal or biopsy offesions of the bladder, prostate, or urethra.


    Sinus Scopes

    Sinus scopes are used to examine interior nasal passages. We carry all types of sinus scopes, from popular brands like Karl Storz, Olympus, ACMI and more!


    Hysteroscopes are specifically designed for the examination and operation on a woman's uterus. We carry popular brands of hysteroscopes, including Stryker IDEAL EYES, Karl Storz Hopkins and Hopkins II, Olympus, and even our own AA namesake!


    Ureteroscopes are specifically designed to be inserted through the urinary system to view and grasp objects. We have semi rigid, rigid, and dilated scopes in stock!

    Sterilization Cases

    We have all sizes and shapes of sterilization cases to hold rigid endoscopes and their hardware. Store and sterilize your scopes with a sterilization case!

    Scope Hardware

    We have all types of hardware for arthroscopes, cystoscopes, hysteroscopes, and resection! From sheaths to cannulas, we have it all!

    Laparoscope Accessories

    Need a device that can hold a scope in place, such as the Stryker Wingman scope holder? This would be the correct category to find that!