Looking for battery powered drills? How about power consoles? Check out our selections of power equipment from manufacturers like Stryker, ConMed, Zimmer and more! We sell batteries, charging systems, attachments and much more. Looking for complete power sets? We have them as well! We even have sterilization cases so your tools can have a "home".


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    Battery Powered

    Battery powered hand pieces for large and small bone.

    Electric Powered

    RemB, CORE, MicroPower, MicroAire, Zimmer, etc.

    Pneumatic Powered

    Torque and power to fit the procedures at hand.

    Power Consoles

    The power of Stryker, ConMed Linvatec and more.


    Drills, saws, reamers, and more.


    Just charge and drill.

    Battery Chargers

    Never run out of power.

    Cables and Hoses

    Electric and Pneumatic


    TPS, CORE, Saber, RemB, etc

    Foot Pedals

    Wireless, 2-Button, 3-Button


    Footswitches, power cables, and more.

    Sterilization Cases

    A place your drills can call "home."