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Education Series: ConMed Linvatec Arthroscopy Tower Wiring Tutorial

2/16/2017 8:58 AM

ConMed Linvatec D4000:

  • The D4000/D4000A powered instrument console drives powered instruments and accessories used in the cutting of soft tissue and bone.
  • The consoles provide two handpiece drive ports that are used with a variety of handpieces.
  • Handpiece functionality can be controlled directly by the handpiece, and/or by a corded footswitch or wireless footswitch.

ConMed Linvatec IM4000:

  • TRUE HD-1080p.
  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p selectable.
  • Upgradeable FPGA platform.
  • True autoclavability.
  • Eye piece, Cartridge, Urology heads available.

LS7700 HD Compatible Light Source:

Introducing the HD compatible 300-watt Xenon Light Source from CONMED. This stand alone, user-friendly light source provides optimal light output so even the most challenging surgical cases are adequately illuminated.

  • OLED window display with multi-function read out
  • HD Camera control connection allows surgeon to safely turn bulb stand-by on/off via the remote camera head button
  • HD Camera communication link allows light output to automatically adjust to optimal light intensity when using the IM4000 HD Camera
  • Universal light guide receptacle that accommodates both long and short light guide adapters
  • Auto bulb-saver feature designed to extend useful life of bulb when light source is not in use
  • Easy access bulb replacement
  • Locking feature to keep light guide securely in place
  • Compatible with the CONMED Integrated Systems’ O.R. Nurse’s Assistant® control system


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